About Lori Ingram

Lori has the unique ability to offer a “small town feel with a city reach.”

Following in the footsteps of her father, Lori grew up in a professional real estate household. Through his example, she developed an understanding of how to conduct honest business and intertwine it with character and integrity. Along with the natural strengths of strong morals and conviction, Lori brings a fresh, savvy style to the world of real estate. Proven customer satisfaction, as demonstrated in her numerous client testimonials, speaks for itself.

From the initial inquiry to the home search, from negotiations through to the final closing of the deal, Lori takes her clients through all phases of the sales and purchase process with professional ease. She takes the mystery out of the process by providing concise and simple explanations for real estate jargon in plain language. She guides the client step by step to provide the basis for informed choices, and her sincere and caring approach is appreciated by all concerned.  Customer satisfaction is always Lori’s number one priority.

Easily approachable, she continues to educate herself with the most up to date information, technology, and professional development training available. This has involved extensive traveling in order to be on the cutting edge of the market, as well as consistent networking with other area professionals and institutions associated with the real estate industry. The investment required to stay “ahead of the game” has proven its value time and again through Lori’s consistent ability to provide her customers with only the best information.

Mastering the art of true customer satisfaction, Lori has moved quickly through the ranks of agents available to meet the needs of each individual both personally and financially, and has enjoyed a remarkable pattern of success. Through her special insight into the needs and expectations of small town communities, combined with her direct knowledge of both the similarities and the contrasts of the needs of buyers and sellers from the city, Lori’s expertise is ideally suited to meet the realestate needs of her clients.